Mr. YuXiaodong and Mr. YaoHongru's lesson








Mr. YuXiaodong and Mr. YaoHongru's lesson





The lecture starts at 7 o'clock in the evening, but some teachers came in at 5 o'clock.The hall can be fit for seven hundreds people, and finally came in more than 1,000 visitors. The audience ranged from18-year-old to 50-year-old. Even the aisle and the edge of the stage were full of crowds. It was just like a small star meeting.

This was probably the charm of art!




Two great masters of painting: MR.Yu Xiao Dong and Mr.Yao Hong Ru









A brief introduction to Yu Xiaodong

· Professor of Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

· Member of China Art Association

· In 1984, he graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts.

· From 1984 to 1997, he taught at the Department of Art of Tibet University. He has 13 years of living experience in Tibet.





A brief introduction to Yao Hongru


· In 1986, he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Fuyang Teachers College, AnHui Province with a bachelor's degree.

· In 1986, he taught at ChuZhou College in Anhui Province.

· In 2011, he joined in the Chinese Oil Painting Institute Research Group.

· In 2014, he joined the Sino-Russian Oil Painting High School.






The lecture was co-sponsored by MIYA Culture and GeWu Studio, which attracted artists from all over the country to listen. The temperature in Hangzhou was very low during these days, but nothing could stopeveryone's enthusiasm of the knowledge.





At the beginning of the lecture, MIYA released the latestmicro-movies. It keeps the style of humor. In the words of Mr.Dan, every step of our growth were benefited from the supports behind us.




Mr.YuXiaoDong and Mr.Yao Hong Ru, two great masters,comprehensively explained the proper nouns in art. Making some unfamiliar theories easy and clear to understand.

















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