The first stop:Mumbai, India


New Year is coming

The atmosphere of Christmas is also getting stronger and stronger day by day

Catch the end of 2018

We're taking MIYA's family on a trip abroad


First stop: Mumbai, India

This is 2018 MIYA Bombay pavilion

Mumbai is India's largest port city and financial center

Known as "the Shanghai of India"

It's also known as the Bollywood movie base camp

MIYA's first overseas trip

The 10-minute launch attracted many local people to buy products

The product has attracted local graffiti artists

And some art lovers came to buy

There's even someone on Facebook who knows about our show

Specially rushed to the scene to buy

Harvest the first wave of fans overseas

We’re happy

At the exhibition, we also gave an interview to Bombay TV

The head of the Bombay confederation of industry visited the exhibition hall

Indian film-art directors come to try out the product

We asked the staff for a lot of information about the product

The people of India are really enthusiastic

This trip to India

I feel the passion of the local people

Full of confidence in our future

The next station

Guess where we're going


Alary weng