MIYA Arts and China Children's Art Education Ecological Forum




MIYA Arts and China Children's Art Education Ecological Forum












At 9:00 am on August 23, the China Children's Art Education Ecological Forum was officially opened in Longgang District,Shenzhen. Hangzhou Nanqing Culture and the top children's art education institutions hold this summit. Although the arrival of Typhoon "Hato" brought inconvenience to the guests and students, but more than five hundred visitors attended this summit.



One day before the lecture, MIYA Arts, as a sponsor decorated the entire exhibition hall. The whole jelly painting wall was very impressive. The Little Bird series and the theme wall of the Black Knight S1 acrylic series brought us stronger visual impact. At the end of each phase, the students could visit and consult in the exhibition hall of MIYA. MIYA provides Gouache DIY in the exhibition hall for visitors to doodle.





















































































































































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